what we do

Committed to achieving results, Lil’ Spin successfully manages businesses/brands specifically targeting the family market.  We work across media platforms, encompassing traditional, digital and social media, to ensure messages are delivered to those that need to hear it.

Lil’ Spin is run by a dedicated team of parents, each of whom has first-hand experience in journalism, an in-depth knowledge of the marketplace and the PR industry.

As parents, we understand what it is to be on the receiving end of the media hype. We’re constantly on the look-out for new, unique and innovative products to service the lifestyle of our families: we tweet, we blog, chat with other parents. We don’t just talk parenting, we live parenting!

Together, these assets provide Lil’ Spin with a wholly unique vantage point upon which to develop clear-sighted PR strategy.

Lil’ Spin is a rarity among PR companies, in that we pick and choose which clientele to work with, ensuring we hold genuine enthusiasm and ample commitment to each brand that we represent.

how we started

Lisa Kingsnorth (Director & Company Founder) originally formed Lil’ Spin’s ‘big brother’ SPIN - an entertainment PR specialist - over a decade ago.  The agency is still going strong representing clients in genres of celebrity, stage, screen and music.

Following the arrival of her daughter, Lisa became fixated on brands within the family arena.  She went on to form Lil’ Spin in 2012, drawing upon her experiences as a parent, her connections with the media and entertainment industry, and her worldly knowledge of everything PR related; implementing her experience as a publicist and former editor, to help others maximise their publicity potential.

Since forming Lil’ Spin, the agency has experienced rapid growth, assisting and advising businesses across the sector with their PR requirements.
investing in the best

Lil' Spin invests in top-tier media sourcing technology which enables us to carefully pin-point key media and journalists through an unrivalled database of over 200,000 media outlets and 750,000 media contacts, updated daily. We target traditional (Press, TV and Radio), digital and social media. The data is geographically mapped enabling us to specify the target reach of our media i.e. national, regional or local.