Lil' Spin can:
  • Compile your media kit
  • Create stories and stunts that both capture attention and communicate your message
  • Devise and distribute reactive press statements in times of opportunity or crisis
  • Produce industry viewpoint articles
  • Write creative copy for your promotional/marketing material
  • Co-ordinate advertorials, cross-promotions, competitions & reader offers
  • Manage and develop your social profiles - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc
Lil' Spin
  • Organise photo shoots with our skilled and experienced photographers most of whom have direct experience working with the press
  • Produce web/TV-ready clips, trailers and full-length, edited footage for use within your electronic press kit (EPK), on social media sites/profiles and television
Lil' Spin can:
  • Arrange & host memorable launch events
  • Organise press junkets and showcases
  • Manage your exhibition presence


product placement
Lil' Spin can:
  • Place your product with celebrities
  • Place your product on TV
  • Place your product with leading parent bloggers
  • Garner endorsements with industry authorities and experts
  • Organise samples for media placements and photo shoots